Emergency Service

Emergency Service to be provided inside a two hour period in response to notification. Emergency Service is also made available outside or normal business hours for all our maintenance and/or warranty customers. We will respond to major system failures, down system , i.e. no intercom dial tone / no lights on all phones, etc. within two hours and within twenty four hours to minor failures.

Non-Emergency Service

Service by MichTel will be provided on a next business day standard for all non-emergency service. Maintenance and repairs necessary for the efficient operation of the installed system is provided during normal working hours, on a five day a week basis.

Moves, Additions, and Changes

Moves, adds and changes are scheduled on an as-needed basis. Many adds or changes can be done on the same business day or within twenty four hours. Some may require a three to five day lead time. We make every effort to meet your time frame requirements. Moves and changes additional to the original installation and / or past the warranty period are to be billed at then current labor rates (current labor rate today is $90.00 for the Service Call including the first hour labor plus a $35.00 travel charge.) Remote maintenance to be billed at 1/2 of the standard rate.

18 Month Warranty

MichTel expressly warrants all equipment installed and labor performed by MichTel against defective product or workmanship for a period of 18 months. This agreement covers all hardware, instruments, equipment and associated system parts (installed by MichTel) that are needed to correct defects caused by normal usage, defective parts or faults in workmanship. If equipment failure is due to customer misuse, a service charge and parts fee will be assessed. This warranty doe not cover failure to abuse, misuse or acts of nature, such as but not limited to: lightening strikes, fires or flood. These items should be covered by your comprehensive insurance policy. The warranty will be honored for the original purchaser / user only. This warranty is an added value from us for customers in good standing.

MichTel will do everything possible to promptly correct any interruption of service and will not be liable for any damages that may be caused by the interruption of service if the cause shall be conditions or circumstances beyond it's control )i.e., local provider problems such as lines at Dmarc or utility companies shutting down power, brownout / blackout / surges/ Acts of God.

Life Time Training

For the original purchaser / user, MichTel will train all personnel on the use and administration of the phone and voice mail systems, at no cost, for the lifetime of the systems. We will provide all instructional material, including our own interactive Training CD. The last thing you need is a telecommunications system that threatens you or provides only a fraction of it's capabilities. We make sure that our systems are intrinsically easy to use and are designed with you in mind. However, we also recognize that to achieve universal user acceptance and competence, a structured and ongoing training program is required.Training is handled by Customer Service Representatives.

Our training is very comprehensive and thorough. You may have as much as you like. When you have employee changes or hire an additional receptionist, this will save you time and money. With out proper training, the world's most fabulous phone system would be a waste. if your employees do not know how to to work the feature, they will not use them. Our training policy is another difference between MichTel and our competitors.