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Telephone Systems

Since telephone systems play such a crucial role in business, choosing the right system vendor, cabling infrastructure and support provider is paramount. Conversely, the wrong choice can lead to downtime, waste, excess expense and frustration.

To overcome these issues, MichTel acquires a working knowledge of your firm's needs and budgetary constraints. After we develop an understanding of your present and future requirements, we design a choice of options and recommend a solution tailored to your situation.

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  • Project planning and management
  • Ongoing repair, maintenance and support
  • Local and long distance phone service
  • Free communications consultation
  • 100% No Risk Guarantee on all products and services

MichTel specializes in designing, installing, moving and improving telecommunications systems. Specifically, our services include: 

  • VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions                      
  • Telephone and Voice Mail system design and installation    
  • Computer network system design and installation    
  • Cable installation and certification
  • Reconfiguration due to moves, additions and changes

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